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Reward and Recognition Programs - Employee Motivation Incentives
What makes Safe Solutions™ such a unique experience? We have spent our entire careers pioneering the industry’s most advanced Safety Awareness and Reward and Recognition Programs. With a combined 120 years of experience, our team has the knowledge and history of success working with the country’s largest employers. Our approach is the result of strategy, sustained results… having saved companies in excess of $190,000,000 in incurred cost since our inception.

At Safe Solutions™, we literally examine before we diagnose. We will take into consideration…

  • Your current awareness and Reward and Recognition Program efforts
  • Your audience demographic (age, gender, income level)
  • Nature of job duties and their inherent risk
  • Frequency, severity and nature of accidents
  • Targeted areas for improvement

Our approach is individual and client based. Our proprietary solutions are specifically tailored to meet YOUR corporate safety goals and objectives.

We Can Help

As an industry leader in Safety Awareness and Employee Motivation Incentives, we know that a properly designed initiative can be an exciting, effective addition to any workplace safety program. More importantly, we know that reducing accident frequency and severity is the result of an integrated combination of training, awareness and then recognition.

Our programs offer a custom, systematic approach to achieving your organizations safety objectives. We combine elements of structure and excitement that are guaranteed to…

  • Assess and identify cultural challenges that will impact training success
  • Work with you to improve your culture and create employee engagement
  • Target specific safety topics with dazzling, award winning graphics
  • Create employee interest and participation in safety training
  • Effective topic explanations increase ease of understanding and facilitation