Safety Smarts

Safety SMARTS™ Awareness Systems

How often have you conducted a safety meeting and then questioned the effectiveness of your training and the topics you presented? How can you actually guarantee that your message is understood and employees understand the impact of injuries in the workplace?

Finally there is a solution! Safety SMARTS™ is the revolutionary training tool created to immediately identify training weaknesses and topical deficiencies BEFORE they become ACCIDENTS!

  • Standard
  • Measurement of
  • Aptitude and
  • Retention from
  • Training
  • Sessions

We combine dazzling, award winning topical illustrations with interesting, informative content. All Safety SMARTS™ testing is conducted in a friendly, open book format which encourages participation. Test answers are strategically placed throughout the test brochure for awareness. Employees stay excited because their good scores become opportunities to earn valuable recognition awards.

Upon completion of the testing process, results are posted within 72 business hours revealing…

  • Successful training of topics
  • Deficiencies in topical understanding
  • Voids in the training process
  • Weaknesses in topical facilitation

Contact a Safe Solutions™ Specialist today to learn more about Safety SMARTS™ and what it can offer your company!