Scratch Safe

Scratch Safe® Safety Recognition Program

The Safe Solutions™ story began in 1990 with the creation of Scratch Safe®, the original scratch off safety recognition program. This patented approach to safety recognition changed the landscape of workplace motivation forever. Building on our early success, we combined safety communication with the recognition of performance to focus the attention of our customers’ employees on safety. In 2005, Safe Solutions™ set an industry milestone… rewarding the One Millionth employee in the Scratch Safe® program. We now have motivated an amazing 1,400,000 individuals to return home safely to the ones they love.

Are you looking to motivate a safer workforce? The Scratch Safe® recognition system is the perfect solution. Let the creators of this popular scratch off program for safety combine the demand for increased Safety Awareness with the excitement of awarding employees in a structured, program based environment.

  • Improve employee morale and corporate loyalty
  • Make Safety an exciting part of any job or task or task
  • Experience measurable results in a structured reward system
  • An exceptional addition to any existing safety effort
  • An aggressive return on investment

Contact a Safe Solutions™ Specialist today to learn more about Scratch Safe® and how it can benefit your company!